About us

About us

About us

MSC Terminal Valencia is the Terminal dedicated to the handling of containers of Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) second shipping company in the world ranking.

Its strategic location (350 km from Madrid) and its infrastructure endowment make it one of the main shipping platforms in the world and the most important in the Western Mediterranean.

The Terminal is, on the one hand, an ideal logistics platform for the distribution of transshipment traffic between the five continents, with an emphasis on traffic for Africa, South America and the United States, and on the other hand to receive and ship import containers and export.

The company began operating in the Port of Valencia in October 2006 as part of the Terminal Investment Limited (TIL) group with operational headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

MSCTV's mission is to offer an impeccable service in the Valencia Port to the MSC Shipping Company and to the partners who share its service offering.

TIL currently has a portfolio of 37 terminals worldwide, located in 26 countries on five continents, with a volume of 19.4 million TEUS handled. The group is currently involved in the development of new projects in various geographical locations.

As of the year 2000, MSC made a firm commitment to the Valencia Port to significantly concentrate its traffic. The emergence of transshipment containers has been key to maintaining the connectivity of the Valencian site and has contributed decisively to the growth and subsequent stabilization of activity in recent years.

MSCTV’s mission is to offer an impeccable service in the Valencia Port to the MSC Shipping Company and to the partners who share its service offering.

The objectives are to act as a flexible terminal, with the capacity to react in an agile way to changes in operational priorities, maintain high productivity and reduce the stay of ships as much as possible.

For this, MSCTV has modern machinery and facilities, and procedures established under the umbrella of a strict quality plan and a management system aimed at operational excellence, which are subject to constant review.

Our mission is to provide quality services to customers and users of the Terminal, contributing to economic development and improvement of their social and natural environment.

The vision, or future for which MSC Terminal Valencia competes and works, is one in which:

  • Customers know and recognize the company for the innovation, quality, efficiency and sustainability of its logistics and port services.
  • Operators find a reliable and efficient collaboration framework.
  • Employees prosper and show satisfaction in personal and professional opportunities.
  • The socio-economic environment recognizes MSC Terminal Valencia for its conduct.

Main Data

MSCTV has the capacity to operate the 24,000 TEU mega ships that cover the routes between the Far East, the Mediterranean and Northern Europe , adjusting to the strict time and efficiency requirements required by the shipping company.

* TIL group data






millions TEUS*

Quality and Environment

MSC Terminal Valencia must provide port and logistics services with a level of quality and respect for the environment that makes them sustainable and appropriate to the needs of its customers.

To do this, it establishes a quality and environmental policy consistent with its field of competence, which guarantees customer satisfaction through the use of appropriate, reliable, effective and sustainable processes, and the application of continuous improvements throughout the organization, with the goal of achieving operational excellence.

MSC Terminal Valencia has opted for the implementation of an Environmental Management System in order to integrate the protection of the environment into the development of its general management.

MSC Terminal Valencia has the Certification of the Environmental Management System in accordance with the UNE EN ISO 14001: 2004 standard, and is a User of the Valencia Port Guarantee Mark.

MSC Terminal Valencia SA, aware of the environmental impact of its container loading and unloading activities and its complementary activities, has opted for the implementation of an Environmental Management System in order to integrate environmental protection into the development of its general management.

For this reason, MSC Terminal Valencia SA is committed to:

  • Operate within the framework of the legislation applicable to its functions and comply with other requirements that come from voluntary agreements.
  • Prevent, control and minimize the environmental impact of its direct and indirect activities through the application of organizational and technological measures that are adequate and feasible, within the framework of its competence.
  • Know and satisfy the requirements and expectations of stakeholders, to ensure the sustainability of the services provided.
  • Assign human, technological and financial resources to achieve the established environmental objectives and goals.
  • Provide adequate training and awareness-raising for staff that favors the development of this policy.
  • Systematically and periodically analyze and evaluate the activities, products and services of the company that may interact with the environment.
  • Rationalize the consumption of natural resources and energy.
  • Prevent and minimize emissions, discharges, waste, noise and pollution of natural resources generated as a result of its activity.
  • To sensitize, on environmental issues, the companies that provide their services in the Terminal.
  • Promote that good practices in environmental matters are transferred to the business and labor levels of all direct or indirect activities.
  • Comply with the requirements of the agreement of good environmental practices signed with the Port Authority of Valencia.

Likewise, MSC Terminal Valencia SA undertakes to annually review the environmental actions, objectives and goals established to ensure that they are adequate.

This policy will be made public, explained and assumed by all the members of MSC Terminal Valencia, SA and updated, through a process of continuous improvement.


ISPS Certification in force in compliance with the PBIP with security and safeguard procedures established in the facilities.

Terminal totally closed and guarded by security personnel, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

CCTV with full coverage of the operating area.

Surveillance of the facilities with patrol vehicles.

Access controls at all entrances to facilities where prior authorization is required.

Management system that guarantees continuous improvement of Security.