Chiller change project

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With the sole objective of reducing the energy consumption of the installation and thereby improving the performance of the installation as a whole, it has been decided to carry out the following action:

Install a system consisting of a heat pump type water chiller with the same characteristics and the same manufacturer, but technologically updated to the operating requirements, thus being the replacement of the existing element by the one adopted of greater simplicity in terms of hydraulic connections and electrical, and being more efficient with respect to the element to be replaced in terms of simultaneous heat and cold generation; Regarding the pumping system, currently consisting of a dual pump group for the cold circuit and for the heat and recovery module, it is proposed to add frequency variators for both pumping elements, thus also increasing the energy efficiency of the system. ; Regarding the hydraulic network, it remains as such, checking points damaged by use and replacing where it is considered mandatory, with their corresponding supports and accessories.

According to the corresponding calculations, we would obtain the following results as detailed below:

Final energy savings (KWh) and primary energy (KWh) and its equivalent in euros

  • Final energy savings (kWh): 475,674 kWh
  • Primary energy savings (kWh): 1.003.672,14 kWh
  • Economic savings (€/año): 49.946,20 €

Reductions in associated CO2 emissions

  • Annual CO2 Emissions Reduction: 84.669,97 kg CO2