Development of an on-site portable pulley wear preventive verification system

MSC Terminal Valencia SAU develops an I + D + I project aimed at controlling the wear of the pulleys, in collaboration with the Technological Institute of Energy (ITE), which proposes research in the design and development of a portable system that allows carrying out Measurement actions aimed at inspecting wear on the pulleys located in the different capital goods of the port terminals.

Within this line of work, the project seeks to obtain a robust and reliable system that replaces the manual inspection of the pulleys by comparison with known patterns (gauges), by a quantitative method that allows recording the evolution of wear or appearance of significant defects in said element. It is intended to cover the market deficiencies in terms of automated pulley wear measurement systems, which can meet the needs in this regard, with the ability to adapt to the specific size range of the pulleys used in the MSC Valencia terminal, also enabling the carrying out on-site measurements on the cranes.

The project is funded by the “2010-2011 Technological Research and Development Program” for large IMPIVA companies through the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER), within a 2-year framework, with file IMIDTF / 2010/288

As a specific objective of the first development phase contemplated in the first annuity, it is intended to establish the best solution, which seeks a balance between the cost of the solution and associated benefits when solving the aforementioned problem, making a sequential approach starting with more complex solutions that could provide more information such as profiling systems based on purely optical laser equipment or artificial vision equipment.