Safety and Prevention

Safety and Prevention

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On October 9, 2013, as a result of the approval of the Regulation of the European Parliament of the Council 952/2013, an important change takes place within the European Union with regard to the scope of the legal structure of customs control.

This change details the new position adopted by the Maritime Terminals in the legislation resulting from the Customs Code of the Union, their functions in the control and management of the entry of goods into the customs territory of the Union, the transshipment of itinerant merchandise and the control of goods destined for export.

The fact that the maritime terminal has the status of OEA and ADT, and adopts a new active role in customs control, becoming a fundamental piece with defined procedures and associated responsibilities, will result in greater security for the logistics community and for the actors involved in international trade.

In this sense, MSC Terminal Valencia, has made all the necessary investments to enable its facilities as a Temporary Deposit Warehouse and develop and implement new electronic systems in accordance with the requirements of the Customs Code.

In order to be able to assume these new customs responsibilities in an efficient way, it is advisable to obtain the status of Customs Economic Operator and that is why MSCTV has undergone an exhaustive audit by the Customs Administration, to be able to accredit itself as a solvent company, trained in customs matters and of high quality in its internal processes.

ISPS Certification in force in compliance with the PBIP with security and safeguard procedures established in the facilities.

Terminal totally closed and guarded by security personnel, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

CCTV with full coverage of the operating area.

Surveillance of the facilities with patrol vehicles.

Access controls at all entrances to facilities where prior authorization is required.

Management system that guarantees continuous improvement of Security.